Classic Coachbuilding

Creating the Future, Preserving the Past

Classic Coachbuilding

At Classic Coachbuilding we are a small specialty Coachbuilding and Restoration Company focused on delivering a Premium Quality product for the discerning customer.

Our motto “Creating the Future, Preserving the Past” encompasses our belief in maintaining and preserving our Motoring and Transport Heritage, as well as the Craftsmanship and Skills that helped create it.

Not only can we provide Quality Coachbuilding for your commercial and economy passenger vehicles, we also strive to provide a Premium Bespoke Artisan Service that the ‘Masters of old’ would be proud of.

We aim to deliver a product that meets all of your expectations.

In doing so, we recognise that every project has its own unique requirements, and hence we assess each project individually on its own merits and tailor a construction/restoration regime to suit the individual project, from budget, to time frame, materials used, and level of finish required.

In this way, we, as a team, including the customer, can become clear on the project targets, and the product to be delivered.

Our Primary Service is the Structural Timber Framing side of Coachbuilding, however we do also carry out a variety of other tasks within the body and finishes areas.

What we can’t carry out on-site ourselves, we can out-source within our network of professional restorers, ensuring that your project gets the special attention that it deserves.

To be truly Successful it is essential to be Passionate about your work.

At ‘Classic Coachbuilding’ our greatest passion is Cars, and in particular Veteran, Vintage and Classic Cars.

If you have a Classic Car project that you are Passionate about, we can help you return it to the road, providing many more hours, and ultimately years of Passionate Motoring Enjoyment.